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My name is Luke Shneour. I've started my work back in San Diego in July 2012 with an IDTech Summer Film Production class, which we experimented with making our own short films in groups. Once I was in high school, Canyon Crest Academy, I took Video/Film classes for two years, making group commercials and projects for our on-campus TV program. When I graduated CCA, I had to think about the big picture for my film career. Then, I found Exceptional Minds, a vocational program for young adults with autism, studying animation and VFX, and also guarantee to help them be prepared for the tough workforce ahead. When I enrolled, I never stopped working. I adhered to animation deadlines, listened to supervisor advice, and started taking immediate feedback on several projects. I display a tight work ethic, make sure to be always on time, and continue to put my best foot forward.

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