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"A Star is Born" Review - (Non-Spoiler)

I'll preface this review by saying I haven't seen any of the previous "A Star Is Born" films, so I have nothing to compare this with. That being said, I found this version to be a powerful and honest look into the positives and negatives of the music industry. The performances and the music are the real driving force for this film, Cooper and Gaga produce very impactful performances that are bound to be nominated for (and potentially win) Oscars. Bradley Cooper's direction, for the most part, is great. However, it must be said that a few plot points felt a little rushed. I thought Ally was a little under-developed as well, especially in comparison to Jack. Overall, the film was very emotional, and I found myself buying into the characters as the film progressed. Would definitely recommend. I'm going to give "A Star is Born" a 9 out of 10.

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