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"Green Book" Review - (Non-Spoiler)

This is one of the more heartwarming, feel good, and enjoyable movies I've seen all year. I genuinely had such a big smile on my face throughout most of Green Book. While it is still a light-hearted film, there’s a lot of surprising depth hidden in the simple story of a friendship blossoming between unlikely parties.

Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali share probably the best chemistry I've seen in anything recently, they work so well together and both turn in excellent performances. Peter Farrelly also did a great job writing and directing something different from his comedic background, while still having comedic elements.

It’s also not a typical “Racism is bad” story, but it's a film that examines elements of prejudice in a more subtle and specific way. As something that may not necessarily be universal, but knows no exclusivity. It focuses on the frustration of seeing those more privileged than you having a much lower bar to pass in regards to their behavior and cadence. It shows glimpses of the battle many have facing prejudice within themselves. It asks how us much dignity we’re willing to expel in an attempt to make the world better, and what responsibilities we need to take to do so.

The whole movie is delightful but the last 10 minutes or so, in particular, left me feeling so warm. Overall, it does feel a bit too long, but that's all I have wrong with this. I really did enjoy it and I think most of you will too, definitely check it out once it's near you. I'm going to give "Green Book" an 8 out of 10.

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