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Welcome to the Filmsphere!

Art is the proper task of life - Friedrich Nietzsche

Movies are so incredibly special to me. They are the combination of so many arts. Sound design, Cinematography, Music, Editing, Storytelling, Acting and integrating all these things together to express and idea is itself is an art form. I am not just watching a story on screen, I am experiencing art.

Movies have this power to transport us to some faraway place in the world or to an altogether different century in the past. It makes us vicariously experience a character’s life whose personality could be completely different from ours. We can look at life from that movie character's point of view. Movies help me relate and empathize with others not just in the fictionalized world the filmmaker is showing us, but from a real life social perspective as well.

That is why I am opening my FilmSphere to you all, to the people who love film the same way I do. I will uploading current movie reviews on a weekly basis, from big blockbusters to small indies that I think deserve acknowledgement. Also, current film news topics will be covered as well with special guests along the way. Even some throwback and analysis reviews will be a part of the conversation.

Film matters for the same reason all art matters – because it embodies and conveys the values and beliefs of the culture within which and for which it is made. Popular art forms, such as film, are of special importance because they speak to the most central of those values and beliefs. I hope you enjoy my content coming your way soon and for my readers to open up their FilmSphere to the rest of the world and what makes it special to you.

#OpenYourFilmSphere #FilmSphere @sphere_film

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